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Are you on a healing journey or wanting to catalyse a change in your well-being? Wanting to transform your health and lifestyle is a great step to take. To act on this can be empowering and liberating. Receiving complementary therapies can offer you the benefits of deep relaxation, space and time, all of which are precious when you live a busy life and/or care for others. Treatments can leave you feeling lifted, calm, clear-minded and recharged. This is when shifts may occur and symptom patterns can change.

Stress-related illness became a catalyst for me making lifestyle changes. Conventional medicine could only go so far, and realising I needed to do more to help myself, was introduced to Reiki and Reflexology. So began my journey into finding balance, which is a practice, for sure, so in the words of Pema Chödrön, start where you are.

I'm Sammy, a Holistic Complementary Therapist providing Reflexology, Reiki and Indian head massage treatments working from spaces at The Wellington Centre and YouNique Wellbeing Studios. I also work with Project ADDER/Seaview Project and STAR Lounge at The Outside Project and enjoy supporting the Sara Lee Trust during their annual County-wide Therapy Month fundraising event.

During a treatment...

more than anything, you should feel a deep sense of relaxation and begin to experience the symptoms of stress and tension melt away. Spending a little time on yourself is such a beneficial thing to do, especially if you work hard or care for others. Finding the balance with some rest and relaxation is key if you are feeling depleted.

Listen to your body. What is it saying?

Complementary therapies...

can often be used alongside conventional medicine. If you are at all unsure, please check with your doctor, especially if you are undergoing treatment or are awaiting a diagnosis or further investigation.

Contact me to discuss.

With your best interests at heart...

Complementary therapies should not replace conventional medical care. Please always consult your GP in the first instance if you are worried about a health issue.


The Wellington Health & Wellbeing Centre (various days/times)

44 Wellington Square


East Sussex TN34 1PN

*(Steps up to the front door, a flight of steps down to the treatment room)

YouNique Wellbeing Studios (various days/times)

11/11a Windmill Drive


East Sussex TN39 4DG

*(Second floor studio with steps. An accessible ground floor room can be made available in advance).

*Please contact me to discuss any accessibility requirements you may have.


What should I wear?

Reflexology and Reiki are carried out fully clothed apart from removing your socks for foot reflexology. It is advisable to wear loose fitting clothing, especially around the lower legs. Indian head massage can be given seated/fully clothed, laying on the couch fully clothed or laying on the couch with oils from the upper chest and shoulder blades upwards.


Please let me know if you have any access requirements or mobility issues before you attend. Home visits can be organised if preferred. Please get in touch to discuss.

Age policy:

Young people aged 16 and under or those with complex needs are to be accompanied by an appropriate adult/carer.

First appointment:

I will ask you to complete a pre-treatment health and lifestyle questionnaire before your session. Payment is to be made by BACS at least 24 hours before your booked appointment.

Gift Card:

Give the gift of time and relaxation to a friend, colleague or a loved one. Contact me to organise a gift card.

Rescheduling/lateness Policy:

If you need to reschedule your appointment, please give at least 24 hours' notice wherever possible. On the day cancellations/postponements are likely to be charged in part or in full if another booking is not made and this will be at my discretion. If you are late for your appointment, I will adjust the treatment time accordingly so as not to run late for the next session. If you are very late, I may not be able to see you and all or part of the fee may be charged and this will be at my discretion.

Privacy policy:

In order for me to provide professional holistic therapies, information about your health and wellbeing, which may be potentially sensitive, will be collected and retained. The information is used only for holistic therapies and recommendations concerning lifestyle. I adhere to the Code of Practice and Ethics of the Association of Reflexologists and of the UK Reiki Federation through full membership. I hold your information for legitimate interest only so that I may provide you with the best possible treatment options and lifestyle advice. Your information will not be shared with anybody without your prior discussion and consent. Records will be kept securely for a minimum of seven years, which complies with insurance requirements. For full details of your rights, click here: Individual rights | ICO. You may have access to your written records at any time. You may request these by emailing



For enquiries or to book a treatment, contact me on 07806614656 or leave me a message using the contact form.

I look forward to hearing from you.


Take Rest: a field that has rested gives a bountiful crop.”

— Ovid

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